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We imagine you may have some questions related to what we do, check out the FAQ below. We will update as new questions are submitted to help clarify what we do. If your questions is not addressed below, please submit it via our contact form.



SEO is the process of ensuring information on your site is displayed in the best and most competitive way possible for search bots to crawl your site, give it a favorable ranking, and improve your click-through-rate. Every web page should have a clear purpose, and the data on the page should be set up to reinforce this through Search Engine Optimization.

Presence Management

In short, how cohesive is your brand? This includes everything from email signatures to social media sites. It’s PR, Marketing, Branding, Customer Service, and Social Media. It’s linking social properties, other websites, reputable sources (i.e Wikipedia), and any other citations on the internet. What are you telling the internet about your brand? What is the internet saying about your brand?


A Webmaster is like a website “doctor”. This is someone who often does it all, from designing the website to search engine optimization (SEO) to daily maintenance. That’s why you need an adept, creative, multi-tasker whom you can trust with the keys to your website — the online gateway to your brand. “Health checks” should be performed daily to anticipate and address problems and prescribe the necessary fixes.


Data integrity is a paramount concern. Our point of focus is to get your data to work for you – it’s your intellectual property and rooted in analytics. Decisions related to your site should be data-driven, informed by technical considerations including UI/UX, with ongoing optimization and enhanced tracking.


Marketing is typically an area where brands have some expertise. We can take this further by using data analysis to develop KPIs to hit targets efficiently. We can cover everything from auditing current efforts to assisting with agency management. This should be a fun and creative area to work, not a pain point.


We can help with your current strategy or we can with you to build a baseline digital strategy. Either way we’ll provide a link to business goals, incorporating competitive landscape intelligence and emerging technologies. We’ll ensure there is an ongoing and constant process to evaluate and fine tune based strategy, based on evolving business goals and technology.


We don’t have very many general questions at this point. Hopefully, as we understand what people would like to know more about, we can add more relevant questions. In the meantime, enjoy the few we have.


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